Tuesday, September 30, 2008

-A Most Wanted Man- John le Carré Reads NEW book on the date of publication

John le Carré's new book
JUST OUT / Reprieve event

When: Wednesday, 1 October 2008, 8 pm
Where: Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre

Reprieve, the legal action charity, is delighted to announce that John le Carré will be reading from his new book, A Most Wanted Man, on the date of its publication, 1 October 2008, at 8 pm in the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London’s Southbank Centre.

In A Most Wanted Man, le Carré considers the “war on terror” and the horror of “extraordinary rendition.”

Whilst both main party candidates for the US presidency have stated that they will close the prison in Guantánamo Bay if elected, this is barely the beginning of the battle against illegal detention in the “war on terror”. As terrifying as it is to admit it, closing Guantánamo is one of the easier solutions to the brutal extra-legal world created by the Bush administration in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

In addition to the 265 prisoners still held in Guantanamo, a further 27,000 people are imprisoned beyond the reach of the law in other prisons worldwide. The majority are held in prisons across Iraq, but at least 600 are held in a US-run prison at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. All of these prisoners lack even the minimal rights secured by the prisoners in Guantanamo, and are not being treated in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

In addition, hundreds – if not thousands – more prisoners constitute “America’s Disappeared”, subjected to “extraordinary rendition” and either delivered to the torture chambers of third countries, or held in secret prisons run by or overseen by the CIA.

John le Carré will speak about this subject, read from A Most Wanted Man and talk about his new book: Issa is a half-starved young Russian threatened with deportation. Annabel is an idealistic young lawyer determined to save him. As their story unfolds, the spies of three nations converge upon the innocents. This is classic Le Carre, combining humour, narrative tension and moral anger. Le Carre discusses his craft at this landmark event, celebrating his 21st novel.

At the end of the event, the organisers will invite the audience to make contributions to enable Reprieve to continue its vital work.

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