Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Online Activists Rise Against the Bailout

from Politico

...We’ve been scouring the Web, but we have yet to see any online evidence of organic support for the Paulson proposal. Instead, what’s going on may be the largest flowering of civic dissent since the antiwar protests of 2002-2003, but with a twist: Today the questioning of the Bush administration’s newest rush to action is bipartisan.

The big question is: Will Congress pass a “clean” bill, one that gives Treasury near-dictatorial powers to buy up distressed assets with taxpayer funds, bailing out troubled Wall Street firms and banks, and all with no meaningful oversight or judicial review? Or will the Paulson proposal be stalled, blocked or drastically reshaped? This is a fight of gargantuan proportions, one that makes the typical confrontation over a Supreme Court pick seem like a nap in the park....

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