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SELECT HEADLINES USA Monday September 1, 2008

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AHN: Hurricane Gustav Makes Landfall; Storm Surge Pushing Water North 2008-09-01
Hurricane Gustav has made officially made landfall at Cocodrie, Louisiana as a Category 2 storm with sustained wind speeds of 110 mph (175 km/hr), National Hurricane Center (NHC) forecasters say.

HURRICANE HANNAH FORMING & HEADING FOR THE BAHAMAS--world concerns about the poor in the islands...see yahoonews dot com Hanna comes just after Gustav killed 94 in the Caribbean on the way to the U.S. Gulf Coast. Most of the deaths were in Haiti, followed by Jamaica and the Domincan Republic. The Cayman Islands and Cuba were hit hard but apparently escaped without any loss of life/The European Union said Monday it would give euro2 million (US$2.9 million) to Caribbean residents made homeless by Gustav. The money will pay for clean water, food, medical care, shelter and basic household items in Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. In Haiti alone, some 8,000 people are in temporary housing after high winds and floods destroyed homes and farms.

Minneapolis Star Tribune, MN: Antiwar protesters say no halt at RNC 2008-09-01
Immigrants, labor groups, veterans, student groups and others planned to rally at the Minnesota Capitol building starting at 11 a.m., Canada: It’s not necessarily “just overtopping” 2008-09-01
A quick note on what’s happening in New Orleans, which looks like it could be fairly harmless — except for the way those floodwaters are overtopping the Industrial Canal levee near the Lower Ninth Ward.

Reuters UK: Nearly 2 million flee Hurricane Gustav 2008-09-01
Nearly 2 million people fled the Louisiana coast on Sunday as Hurricane Gustav moved within hours of striking land, possibly with a weaker punch than 2005's devastating Hurricane Katrina.

Center for Research on Globalization: Hurricane Gustav: National Emergency Environment Sets the Stage for the McCain Election Campaign 2008-09-01
The Republican Party has decided to scrap the first day of its National Convention, prior to an impending humanitarian and environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. McCain only met running mate once 2008-09-01
Us Presidential hopeful John McCain was blasted by fellow Republicans yesterday after it emerged he had only met his running mate once before he appointed her.

The Women's International Perspective: The Relevance of Palin's "Experience" 2008-09-01 From this, it is reasonable to say that the United States is again at risk that presidential decisional thinking about war, diplomacy, and human rights will be guided by ideas that are immune to contradictory evidence
These are on Robert Parry's site: consortiumnews dot com Parry helped break open the Iran-Contra Affair some years ago & along with his choice of writers, he still does some expert research to this day...

Palin's Trouble with the Police
In her two executive jobs in Alaska, Gov. Sarah Palin has fired senior police officials whom she deemed insufficiently loyal -- and now faces a probe into an abuse of power, writes Robert Parry. September 1, 2008

Is Putin Right on US Politics & Georgia?
Russia's Prime Minister Vladimir Putin saw U.S. politics as a factor in the Russia-Georgia clash. Watch's video. August 31, 2008

What to Expect from Obama-Biden
Could an Obama-Biden administration really change the course of U.S. foreign policy?Watch's video. August 31, 2008

McCain VP Pick Has History of Clashes
John McCain's vice presidential choice, Sarah Palin, has a history as a small town mayor and novice Alaska governor of petty squabbles and retaliation, as Jason Leopold reports. August 30, 2008

Following are the latest from BILL OF RIGHTS DEFENSE COMMITTEE
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In the News:

8/31, Abby Simons, Heron Marquez Estrada and Bill McAuliffe, Star Tribune (MN), Police Raid RNC Protest Sites in Twin Cities

8/31, Editorial, Los Angeles Times, Senate deadline for a 'shield law'

8/31, Editorial, New York Times, The Courts and Mr. Arar

8/30, Eric Lichtblau, New York Times, Bush Seeks to Affirm a Continuing War on Terror

8/30, Sangitha McKenzie Millar, Foreign Policy In Focus, Extraordinary Rendition, Extraordinary Mistake

8/30, Editorial, Boston Globe, Psychologists and torture

More News from bill of rights defense committee at bordc dot org :

Grassroots News:

8/26, Pamela Powers, Eau Claire (WI) Leader-Telegram, Marchers spread word on free speech, Constitution

8/17, Eisha Mason, California Progress Report, California Becomes First State to Condemn Use of Torture in 'War on Terror'

7/7, Seth Koenig, Times Record (ME), REAL ID Repeal Drive Takes to the Skies

7/4, John Nichols, The Nation, This Day, Like the Future, Belongs to Patriots

7/4, Jose Antonio Vargas, The Trail, Obama Responds to Online FISA Critics

7/3, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Common Dreams, New Declaration Highlighting Government Abuses Printed in New York Times 7/3/08

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