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FREE FAHAD CAMPAIGN 8 PM ET Nov. 9th: WorldWide ONLINE EVENT for truth and justice

The Muslim Justice Initiative and the Free Fahad Campaign present:


W O R L D W I D E * W e b i n a r & F u n d r a i s e r

on Monday, 11/9/09 8:00 pm Eastern Time

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A young man named Fahad Hashmi wakes up in an eerily silent cell, banned from the social interactions of people, deprived from the natural light of the sun, and meticulously monitored at every moment of the day. Imagine living like this for one week— one month— or three years! Sadly, this is the reality of several Muslims who are imprisoned in the United States under the so-called banner of ‘fighting terrorism.’

Now it's your turn to make a difference. Contribute whatever you’re capable of giving in order to assist in freeing captives from their current state of solitude and torture. What if it was your brother, son, or daughter who was shackled and held under such strict measures? Make a contribution at this webinar and join the efforts of Muslim Justice Initiative!

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Note that this initiative includes and highlights the following cases - Top lawyers and expert research for each of these cases has come up with many questions concerning the following implications and charges. There are plenty of reasons to look into each case much more thoroughly...

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SYED "FAYAD" HASHMI Syed "Fahad" Hashmi is a Muslim American citizen being held in a federal jail on two counts of providing material support and two counts of making a contribution of goods or services to Al Qaida.

DR. AAFIA SIDDIQUI Dr. Aafia has been indicted in NY and charged with: (1) attempting to kill US nationals outside the US; (2) attempting to kill US officers and employees; (3) armed assault of US officers and employees; (4) using and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence; and (5) three counts of assault of US officers and employees.

SAIFULLAH PARACHA has yet to be charged with any crime but has been in Guantanamo Bay for over 6 years.

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11/9, Joshua Reese, Delaware County (PA) Daily Times, Guest column: U.S. still wears the shackles of Gitmo

11/8, Daphne Eviatar, Washington Independent, FBI Interrogators Argued in 2002 That 'Enhanced' Interrogation Techniques Were Illegal and Ineffective

11/8, Associated Press, US attorney general: Gitmo reviews under way

11/6, Jaclyn Belczyk, Jurist, Rights group urges US government to reform Afghanistan detainee policy

11/6, Nan Aron, Huffington Post, Bush DOJ Official Agrees "Torture Memo" Lawyers Should Be Investigated

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