Saturday, November 14, 2009

Matthieu Ricard's Way of Life: Current Program - Speaking of Faith Radio

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The "Happiest" Man in the World - Meeting Matthieu Ricard at Speaking of Faith

Matthieu Ricard
Ricard is a Buddhist monk and author who lives at Schechen Monastery in Nepal. His books include The Quantum and the Lotus and The Monk and the Philosopher.
The "Happiest Man in the World" in reality disclaims this title and doesn't make happiness a goal.


Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

The Monk and the Philosopher has been one of my favorites. It’s an enlightening dialogue between Philosopher father Jean Francois Revel and Monk son Matthieu Ricard. So true that he doesn’t like this term ‘most happy man’ as lately happiness has been grossly misunderstood as the most important goals of life. I would like to quote one line from the book “The monk and the philosopher”. In reply to a question from Philosopher father about his love for music and musician, the monk says" Despite my admiration, I couldn't help noticing that the mastery such people possessed in their particular field was often not matched by even the simplest human perfections-like altruism, goodness or sincerity.”

I just adore this line, today when we look around we see people seeking and trying to find perfection and expertise in everything except one-goodness.

Connie L. Nash said...

Wow, what a pristine comment to get into the heart of the deepest of inter-spiritual, inter-contemplative dialogue. I noticed as well and liked that the term 'most happy man' was rejected. If I hear the program on radio as planned Monday, I will listening to hear how Krista the host was allowed to still use that description. Also I will listen for this ending line you give here, Akhtar Sahib, regarding as I would paraphrase: the longing of humanity worldwide for simplicity, wholeness, goodness, truth and compassion.

Thank You for your own valuing, gifts and practices of the same - even as well as you contain so much knowledge. Sometimes this is a rare combination yet you manage both genres.