Thursday, November 5, 2009

Latest block to closing Gitmo

Did you hear the latest in opposition efforts to derail President Obama's plan to close Guantánamo? Senator Lindsey Graham has proposed an amendment that would bar using funds to try 9/11 defendants in regular U.S. federal courts.

This is just not logical: federal courts have a far superior record at trying terrorism suspects. And Guantánamo continues to stain our reputation and inhibit our military's ability to work with foreign allies on counterterrorism efforts

Write your senators today urging them to vote against keeping terrorism suspects from facing American justice.

Human Rights First has repeatedly published research demonstrating that our courts can handle terrorism cases. We are now building a campaign to push back on the fear-mongering around the debate. We need your help - start today by writing to your senators to say that our courts are the right place for terrorist suspects.

There will be other battles along the way - we'll keep you posted as they develop and show how you can help to ensure that Guantánamo is closed!

Sharon Kelly
Communications Director

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