Sunday, November 15, 2009

US: Real Healthcare Reform : Action Now Part II (The Pen)

There will be a new video release in the "I'm A Democrat, I'm A Republican" series once a week, and the web page module will automatically update with the latest video. And we are asking you, our participants to submit the petition yourself ALSO ONCE A WEEK EVERY WEEK. We need to speak out and keep speaking out, until Congress finally gets the message, to stop fooling around and do what should have been done
in the first place, pass economical and efficient Medicare for All.

Folks, we are dedicating the next couple months of our lives to stopping the phony reform, and forcing Congress to get real about good public policy. The bill that passed the House last week, HR 3962, represents one of the most profound betrayals in American political history. Forget the fact that the Republicans oppose it as
well, they would oppose anything coming out of a Congress where they did not have majority control. WE must oppose HR 3962 because it is a transparent sham, a total sellout to the medical insurance industry.

You don't have to believe us. Believe the corporate analysts themselves gloating about the additional windfall profits they are predicting from this fatally corrupt bill, that purports to FORCE all Americans to buy a plan from a lobbyist designed restrictive "market", where at least 90% of the American people would be excluded
from participating in the feeble non-competitive "public" option provided, even if we wanted to. They might as well now call it the "welfare" option, because all it really represents is welfare FOR the insurance companies.

The Republicans condemn the bill because they demagogue that it does too much. The truth is that it does so LITTLE, that by the time the Senate gets through with it we expect there will be nothing left that any progressive could cheer about. The ultimate Benedict Arnold, Joe Lieberman says HR 3962 is dead on arrival. So we might as well throw it in the medical waste bin where it belongs and start from scratch,
then let him try to filibuster what the American people REALLY want.

And we are especially ashamed of the Congressional so-called "Progressive" Caucus which, except for Kucinich and Massa, have demonstrated once again how utterly worthless they are as representatives for the people of their districts.

From time to time we will get email from some of you arguing that there is no point in emailing hardcore Republicans, for those of you who live in such districts where that is your current representation. We disagree about that of course. Never should we let the worst members of Congress think that even people in their own districts are just going to roll over and take just keep taking it in silence.

But for crying out loud, at least the liberals ought to be listening to us. And for the presumptive liberals to wave through a bill that as a bottom line makes exploitive and overpriced corporate insurance MANDATORY, under threat of the police power of the IRS, is so outrageous it defies belief. Each and every one of these gutless wonders needs to hear our protests now.

Medicare For All FREE Fax Action Page (To Send and feature on your site)

...And the ultimate answer remains what it has always been. IF AND WHEN enough of us speak out at ONCE, and declare that we will no longer support their perpetual shinola, then and only then will we get real policy change. We live for the day when we can build such a base to make it so. That day can be today! So please submit the fax action page once a week, encourage everyone you know to do the same, put the
video module on all of your websites so we can get hundreds of thousands of views, and like numbers of action page submissions. Then we will have a real movement for real policy change.

And here is the one click Facebook page for this same fax action.

Single Payer Amendments Action:

And the Twitter reply to send, to send this message to all your
members of Congress that way, is

@cxs #p1020

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

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