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More about Dr. Aafia Siddiqui (who's next court event is scheduled for Thursday)

See the post several items below for more details...

Bottom line, this coming hearing/event scheduled for Thursday is NOT I am surmising the actual trial (or there would be more available publicity, I'm quite sure and the event would have been labeled "TRIAL". Perhaps Judge Berman will want to test a newer approach and work out some details to Dr. Aafia's satisfaction, the lawyers' and the courts as well as for the prosecution? This is an educated guess as there are many details to be worked out before the scheduled Trial date. Yet, who knows for sure in this case with so many missing pieces?

One and top among other considerations, Dr. Aafia is quite willing to give up all her rights in order not to be body-searched and more which are reminders of other abuses. (The big question is why since she's watched round the clock is this necessary?)

I felt that letting some empathetic folk know to be there in the court room is important without in any way organizing a media blitz. People need to be there to witness how the detention staff handles Dr. Aafia so roughly as if she has been ruled guilty (or even if she would be -the way they treat her and the lawyer is beyond conscience--pulling, yanking her on way out, grabbing a note Dr. Aafia wrote and refusing to give it to the lawyer and much else.)

Many of the other sources are probably not in conflict ultimately - just various perspectives and slices of the whole.

I was there and have followed the case for years - just very complicated series of events and hearings. Family is hoping the lawyers will be able to help her to return to her family and one child. (Two are still missing - one is considered dead)

Judge Berman may be seeking her humane treatment - more than he seems to have been doing in the past and is trying to adjust some things so that Aafia will trust the court and the newly set up three lawyer team (one who has known and worked with Aafia for some time.) Keep in mind that very little if anything has happened in general for ANY of the US detained in the "war on terror" which would encourage cooperation and trust...That is the bottom line...That and the horrific extraordinary and common RENDITIONS that are still taking place today, despite the promises and statements by the new administration that there will be NO MORE.

Andy Worthington once said about Dr. Aafia's situation that this is " the most mysterious" of all the detainee-imprisonment cases that of which he knows since he has been writing about them.

There's a lot of mystery to which no one knows the answers...but a REAL trial whether or not it happens in Jan 19th could make all the difference. Legally, Dr. Aafia is in a position now to be considered INNOCENT until PROVEN GUILTY. (This should have been the case all along - however since this was NOT the case before, this needs to be constantly emphasized if we in America are to be considered a nation which abides by the RULE of LAW (which legally includes our signature with the Declaration of Human Rights and similar treaties - even in times of war) and our own Constitution/Bill of Rights.

Watch for select passages from what I consider the best articles and information to come out on this case soon. Please add your comments, questions and information below.

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Connie L. Nash said...

Here are just a few of the articles you may want to read to familiarize yourself with Dr. Aafia's case (disclaimer) I in no way claim to know some of the exact facts nor do most others, including experts, family, and lawyers. The best we can do is to read up from a variety of perspectives and to stick to the requirements of each person's rights in detention and in court:

For Journalists and some of the most objective items and chronology - while not updated recently, the items on this site provide plenty of objective and historical items: http://www.aboutaafia.blogspot.com
Including: Feb 25, 2009 ... The previous judgment which regarded Dr. Aafia Siddiqui as unfit to stand Dr Aafia - The Prisoner 650 items held in question for awhile and then made more likely by items and witness at "Cage Prisoners) http://www.aboutaafia.blogspot.com/2009/ (see The new-judgment-of-aafia-siddiqui) While tat the About Aafia blogsite, also note top left on the Home page the reason this case is considered so important even beyond that which compels in and of itself and NOTE the article in the lower right hand link under chronology called "Don't Blame the Victim" an analytical study - which would serve every coming court event and trial well.

I suggest you go to the heart-wrenching family site as well as http://www.cageprisoners.com (search for Aafia or Dr. Aafia by date or importance of article)

Muslims For Peace » Blog Archive » Aafia Siddiqui: a victim of US ...
Oct 17, 2008 ... FAHAD ANSARI reports on the case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, ... announced at a news conference that Aafia Siddiqui was one of seven suspects whom the

OF course, as mentioned in earlier post, go to http://www.muslimsforjustice.org to listen and read legal and other reports.

Aafia Siddiqui denies shooting at US government officials (and keep in mind she was and is VERY little - so that those who understand the capabilities of very little people with such weaponry question the accusations on this stand alone - plus the fact that there should have been plenty of officials on the site to observe. All of which do not at all account for the fact that Aafia was shot and injured profusely:
or just http://www.mail-archive.com and simply look for articles relating to Aafia.

Dr Aafia Siddiqui – Victim of US Lies « Truth 4 Justice
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A recent and heart-breaking personal piece by Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's beloved brother. (all of his talks, articles get to the heart and he is considered well-thought out and as objective as a family member can be in such circumstances. He is also helping to support Aafia's only returned child) Oct 28, 2009 The Box at the Door "Alhamdulilah it hit me one Day only through Him do hearts find peace. ... the soul and soothes a broken heart ready to be ...made through Him Allah. ...