Sunday, November 15, 2009

US: Real Healthcare Reform : Action Now Part I (The Pen)

Who Else Wants To Get SERIOUS About Real Health Care Reform??

We need the help of every one of our participants who has a website (if not please read on because there is an individual action page as well). We have created a simple and small sized (182x228 pixels) web page module, perfect for the side bar of your web page, where people can watch the latest of the "I'm A Democrat, And I'm A Republican" videos...If you are on MySpace or Facebook or another site that disallows javascript, you can copy the code from this page:

We have already shot six of these incredibly professional looking
videos, making the point (with wit and humor) that NEITHER the
Democrats, NOR the Republicans, are actually interested in real
health care reform. The Democrats are forcing consideration of only
plans that further empower the medical insurance corporations that
are ripping us off now. The Republican are only interested in
derelict non-regulation, achieving the same end result by default.

By getting more and more people to watch these videos, we will
mobilize people to submit this fax action page, which sends a
strongly worded but even tempered petition (which you can read on the
page), stating in essence that we the people are demanding real
reform and will not be fooled again. And you can add your own
personal comments as well. WATCH the video also on this page.

Medicare For All FREE Fax Action Page for sending to others or putting on your site:

CLICK to see the above here

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