Monday, November 9, 2009

MONDAYS NYC: Free Fahad: Theatre Group - Program/Vigil at Metropolitan CC 150 Park Row/near 500 Pearl- Lower Manhattan

THAW and 50 or so vigilers
Nonviolently Bearing Witness to the SAMS - the unconstitutional, unnecessary and inhumane travesties experienced inside NYC, US at Metropolitan Correctional Center (as if forming another Gitmo?)

Also, SEE POST just below for 8 PM ET MONDAY NOVEMBER 9th WORLDWIDE Broadcast Online concerning Fahad's case

ATTEND peaceful program/vigil 6-7 Mondays at 150 Park Row in front of Metropolitan Correctional Center Lower Manhattan near the Courthouse at 500 Pearl - Brooklyn Bridge area.

See this highly-rated You Tube Broadcast Go here and also go to the THAW ACTION theatre site: here for this NYC - First Broadcast of Radio Free Fahad 42 min - from Oct 22, 2009 -Rated 5.0 out of 5.0 Did you know there are people held in Guantanamo-like conditions just blocks from New York's City Hall? OR GO here
Other references to this weekly event: Broadway Calendar - GO here and here

GO to post just below for MONDAY NOVEMBER 9th WORLDWIDE Broadcast Online concerning Fahad's case

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Connie L. Nash said...

Current News at Bill of Rights Defense Committee:

11/9, Joshua Reese, Delaware County (PA) Daily Times, Guest column: U.S. still wears the shackles of Gitmo

11/8, Daphne Eviatar, Washington Independent, FBI Interrogators Argued in 2002 That 'Enhanced' Interrogation Techniques Were Illegal and Ineffective

11/8, Associated Press, US attorney general: Gitmo reviews under way

11/6, Jaclyn Belczyk, Jurist, Rights group urges US government to reform Afghanistan detainee policy

11/6, Nan Aron, Huffington Post, Bush DOJ Official Agrees "Torture Memo" Lawyers Should Be Investigated