Friday, November 20, 2009

More from the Poet: FAIZ

In the memory of FAIZ:

aur jab yaad ki bujhti hui shammon main
nazar aya kahin aik pal
akhri lamha teri dildari ka,
dard itna tha kay is say bhi guzrna chaha
ham nay chaha bhi magar dil na tharna chaha

To which Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

This is Faiz's answer:

Last night
I thought of you,
All the deserts
Became fragrant with zephyrs
Spring was everywhere
My dying heart
Suddenly came back
to Life.

The above is again thanx to Akhtar Sahib and a responder on his blogsite. (see the posts on Faiz below)

Plz inform me - anyone- if my wild attempt to post and learn URDU is problematic in any way...I am highly motivated and so I will not take offense to any corrections and will need many more translations/suggestions/favorite URDU literataure (even children's songs) or tips along the way.

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