Friday, October 16, 2009


FINALE for the last Two Weeks of Anti-War Protests

Tomorrow, there will be antiwar marches and rallies in 45 cities. If you're in one of them, get yourself there! This date was chosen because 40 years ago, October 15, 1969, Vietnam Moratorium marches happened around the country. here

Why World Can't Wait Demands U.S. Troops Out of Afghanistan (Add Pakistan) Now!

An announcement from the Obama adminstration may come any moment. Wednesday, reports predicted they will expand the war by 45,000 troops. Today, I've heard that General McChrystal says that's the least he could work with, and that the expansion could (expand) by 80,000 troops.

Only the US doesn't have 80,000 troops. This makes the work World Can't Wait has been doing in bringing veterans into high schools class rooms even more crucial. Youth who are being heavily recruited, and pressured by the recession, need to hear the reality of what these occupations mean.

Think this is all a bit abstract and far off? Read it for yourself in the Army Times this week. Wichita KS public schools are looking to bring in the new program because, ""The Army's got a lot deeper pockets than education."
Army considers middle-school JROTC program.

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I (Debra Sweet) will be in Orlando Florida tomorrow, speaking at:

12pm, Saturday October 17
Rally at South East corner of Alafaya Blvd. (SR 434) and University Blvd , the main entrance to the University of Central Florida in Orlando

Info: 321-368-5093

Now, President Obama doesn't have to release the torture photographs that, supposedly, the Republicans pressured him not to release, because:

It's Official: Democrats Support Torture (and Covering Up Torture)

From Ken Theisen: The Obama administration has repeatedly gone out of its way to cover up the abuses of the Bush regime. This has included the failure to pursue prosecutions, or even investigations, of the top criminals in the Bush regime for their numerous crimes. Over and over, Obama's Department of Justice has gone to court to suppress the revelations of the crimes of the Bush administration. It has used arguments of "national security," "state secrets," and "executive privilege" to keep the dirty secrets of the regime from becoming public...

Tuesday I (Debra Sweet) was on Anti-war Radio with Scott Horton and Angela Keaton

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In an early evening edition of the San Francisco Chronicle Thursday, coverage of the Obama fundraiser there included:

Mike Dean of San Francisco, with the left-wing group World Can't Wait, paid tribute to Obama's Nobel Peace Prize with a huge poster showing the president wearing a medallion inscribed "Orwell War Is Peace 2009."

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait


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