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US-Blackwater Connections (UPDATED)

JUST OUT SUNDAY: This article with the shocking splash of blood as illustration simply shouts: HELP! Who in the US is listening?

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Destroying Ourselves with a Little Help from the US "Pakistan Spectator" blog


Blackwater, now known as Xe* is a large, private army hired by the
Administration of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. It was founded by Eric
Prince, an extremely wealthy, Right Wing, former Navy SEAL. He apparently
attended the Naval Academy but graduated from Hillsdale College in Michigan,
an organization which the last several decades seems to have become largely
a diploma mill for children of Conservatives. They were hired at a cost of
something like $23 million to go to Iraq and protect Paul Bremer and his
team. They are security for foreign state department locations. They are
Right-Wing and they are dangerous.

Blackwater, or Xe, has been under investigation by Congressional committees
because some of its members have been accused of murdering Iraqi citizens.
It has its headquarters in North Carolina, with another location near Mt.
Carroll, IL. Its stated objective is to be a private security firm. But it
has employed over 180,000 mercenary, ex-military personnel in Iraq and
Afghanistan, many of whom are former members of the military from
dictatorships in Latin America, and other countries. It is said to have a
14,000 person militia in North Carolina.

Blackwater, despite its very shadowy existence and its hard Right-Wing
advocacy, is still funded by the Obama Administration to provide security
for the State Department, among other projects, around the world.
This is serious... The government under Bush started
funding these groups. The government under Obama can shut them down. Let's
get back to thinking "ballots" not "bullets."

Blackwater, Xe, and Private, Right-Wing Armies in the U.S.
October 3rd, 2009 Populist Daily dot com here

Also note: US news item: Obama Considers range of Afghan war options here

Drones and Surgical Strikes: So just WHAT are "Surgical Strikes"? Evidently, drones are included in that category. SEE questions answered here

Here are some items about who's source I know nothing so my qualifier is that you are responsible to also place a disclaimer if you send this with my blogsite URL:
Blackwater brainchild of Bilderberg Group 10/02/09 Blackwater and other private mercenary armies in the world are the brainchild of Bilderberg Group. "The Masters of the Universe" as they call it, Bilderberg Group is a secret society comprises of 160 most influential personalities of the world.

To name a few, this group includes Former Secretary of State Condoleezza
Rice, President The World Bank Group Robert B. Zollick, Commissioner
European Union Neelic Kroes, Chairman and CEO The Washington Post Company
Donald Graham, Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernank and the list goes
on .

Original Papers of Bilderberg 2009 Attendees List

CEO of Blackwater (Xe) Eric Prince was sighted at the Bilderberg meeting at
the Westfields Marriott Hotel, Chantilly, VA that took place from June 6 to
8 in 2008. According to our international sources, Bilderberg group is
planning to unite the world into 3 administrative units by 2012, and finally
into a single unit by 2018. The unit for Asia including Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Iran, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka will be declared as a single
administrative unit by December 2012.

To do so, it needs physical presence across the region and that would be
achieved by Blackwater / Xe and other private mercenary armies. Bilderberg
group has planned 100 years of War on Terror and hence private contractors
such as Blackwater / Xe and NATO forces have no plan to leave the Asian
region till 2101.


" Nothing can excuse or justify an act of terrorism, whether it is committed by religious fundamentalists, private militia, people's resistance movements - or whether it is dressed up as a war of retribution by a recognised government. The bombing of Afghanistan is not revenge for New York or Washington. It is yet another act of terror against the people of the world. Each innocent person that is killed must be added to, not set of against, the grisly toll of civilians who died in New York and Washington."

Arundhati Roy,
War is Peace

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