Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BUDAPEST: George Soros is Delivering Series of Lectures this week

NOTE: Perhaps your economic class or even your social sciences course could learn something from these online lectures? Perhaps you know a reporter in Budapest or could arrange a phone interview for your newspaper or magazine?

If I were present at these lectures, I could imagine the most provocative of discussions about Marxism, Capitalism and emerging Social/Economic systems as well as the age-old topic of the power of the rich vs the power of the masses. Perhaps in such a dialogue and with the audience in Budapest and/or via Media world-wide there could be something beautiful which may emerge and may potentially be one small cog in the wheel of transformation of the planet?

How might each of us work with or in counter-movement yet nonviolently with our most apparently powerful leaders? How might we influence these called "greats" toward even more be potential influence and resources in the market of World Peace? Given Mr. Soros birth in Budapest, tragic personal/historical and interest in the well-being of the world at large - as well as his strong work to end the reigns of Bush - perhaps there's something here for peacemakers? (My disclaimers, I am bored with most rich folk and know next to nothing to recommend Mr. George Soros personally or not - just that not only in his own right yet also in terms of metaphor for our changing world, his voice is still alive and we need to reckon with the same and others of his caliber and history.) Connie
Dear Friends and Colleagues:

I thought you might be interested to know that George Soros is delivering a series of lectures in Budapest at Central European University starting yesterday, October 26th.

In the lectures, Soros discusses his philosophical theories in general and specifically as they pertain to the economic crisis, regulatory reform, finance, politics, open society, and a host of other subjects.

Monday, October 26 - General Theory of Reflexivity Tuesday, October 27 - Financial Markets Wednesday, October 28 - Open Society Thursday, October 29 - Capitalism versus Open Society Friday, October 30 - China and the Way Ahead.


Michael Vachon

URLS from Michael Vachon (note from oneheart blogger Since there was a slight glitch technically, I am reworking here the URLS for viewing - connections online, this link may be best): here Here's a 2nd URL for viewing lectures later - Videos and transcripts may also be posted eventually at here each evening after the event.

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