Friday, October 2, 2009

Dr. Aafia's Brother's Gift: LOVE and GRATITUDE (even in the midst of Great Agony)

Aafia, Mariam, Suleman, Ahmad - from happier times

The following is linked to a personal account by Dr. Aafia's brother, Mohammad, and a GREAT SPIRITUAL GIFT to ALL with any amount or from any "version" of genuine faith who will take the time to listen and to heed. If you are touched by this transparent voice for peace and by the years of prayers and pain for his beloved sister, please find some way to support this cause and shine the light on this family. (If only to pray often and increase the faith of others in trial by sending this to someone in despair.)

In case anyone missed this luminous TESTIMONY to GOD and to the deepest most flourishing kind of faith - find message of LOVE and GRATITUDE even in excruciating and unresolved agony here

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