Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This LOVE That REMEMBERED (Made Into a GIFT)

For the Republic of Rumi...

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Hello, I found this poem by grace the other night and asked the poet if she would write a note to you. She did...so this is our gift to you together...
from Connie and Amata

To Republic of Rumi: Poet from Australia says Hello ((Find a NOTE below the poem)

By Amata Natasha

As the sun of radiance dissolves
To create the tenderness of the evening
It is this feeling,
Fluttering as a bird upon the song of perpetual time

As this vortex of here and now,
Cascades into another illusion,
Another eon,
Another epoch of ancientness

And birthed whilst the Earth slept,
This love; that remembered all

Piercing the heavens with liquid gold...

That meanders as a thread of
My muse with timeless heart
Fills to overflowing
This awakened essence of pulsing life

As the moon of quiet surrender
Kisses the power of the night
All is awake
All is silent
As the breath of oneness embraces
This love that remembered

-Amata Natasha Goldie, Copyright © 2009 – All rights reserved.

Photo near Amata's name is Greece - then from HER country -The Great Ocean Road, Australia-Oceania Both from Open Traveler

My message to poets at The Republic of Rumi is below:

"Beloved beautiful poets of The Republic of Rumi, It is such a great
joy to meet you all and an honour to share with you a string of words
that I hope will speak to your soul.

My name is Amata Natasha Goldie and I live in amongst the gumtrees in Noosa Australia, where koalas and kangaroos abound in the beauty of the natural world. It is my hope for you all to speak your truth, to follow the light of your inner soul, and to be always guided by the Divine~ Let your voices be heard my dear poet friends, for we are paving the way to a new world, let the arrows of your wisdom shoot forth from the ether of magnificence, and let them rest upon the brow of your forehead and seep into your very consciousness, so that you may plant these beautiful seeds in the gardens of tomorrow,"

"~Your love shall always transcend darkness~"
Grand Canyon, USA

My blessings and love are with you all,

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To truth, beauty, freedom and grace...
Amata Xxx

Hoh Valley Washington State USA

Remembering Our Oneness

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Akhtar Wasim Dar said...

I love this and love this the most:

As this vortex of here and now,
Cascades into another illusion,
Another eon,
Another epoch

great imagery, wonderful thought and lovely sensibility.

Khurram Ali Shafique said...

Thanks, and its an honor for us too,

Connie L. Nash said...

Thanx for your comments both. I love the choice lines from the poem which you highlight, Akhtar Wasim Dar Sahib - and for your universal literary vision...

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear Amata,

I'm getting the sense that others are appreciating your shimmering poem and I'm hoping they and others will come and place a comment soon.
Sometimes people discover these posts much later so please keep coming back to check. Thanks again for the permission and the personal note as well as the original unifying piece!

Amata said...

I am so touched by your comments of vast beauty and tenderness. Beloved fellow poets, I would be honoured to read your works, but cannot find your works translated...How I would adore to read your poems...perhaps there may be a chance that you may translate them?

Universal love to you, Amata Xxx

Connie L. Nash said...

I just found your latest comment today on Iqbal Day, Amata and so I post here this exciting array of programs honoring Allama Iqbal, the best-loved and guiding Poet-Philosopher of Pakistan and also of the world, in a sense, as he was a man of peace and bridged between cultures as well as between the learned and the unlearned. Maybe you and I and other readers here will be able to find rebroadcasts and/or YouTube portions of this exciting program. I sure hope so! Thanx again for your great gift of poetry and love, Amata. Stay in touch.

SEE:GREAT PAKISTAN POET: IQBAL DAY 2009 (featuring Dr. Ahmad Safi and Khurram Ali Shafique Sahib)
Special Program Honoring Poet Allama Iqbal
Khurram Ali Shafique Sahib, author of The Illustrated Iqbal (recently awarded the National Iqbal Award) will be making several appearances, electronic and live, this Iqbal Day (Monday, November 9, 2009) in Pakistan. Here is the program:

* 8:30 am to 9:00 am: Breakfast with Dawn, on Dawn News Channel – live interview
* 10:00 am to 12:00 am: FM 105, Radio channel in Karachi – live interview
* 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm: Adamjee Institute, Karachi – lecture and presentation
* 7:00 pm: Arts Council, Karachi – Launching Ceremony of his book, Iqbal: Tashkeeli Daur, 1905-1913. Ceremony will be presided over by Dr. Sahar Ansari and several distinguished speakers will include Dr. Ahmad Safi.
* 7:00 pm: Aaj TV - special program on Iqbal Day, hosted by Rahat Kazmi. Other participants include Arshad Mahmood and Zaid Hamid (it was recorded last Wednesday).

Iqbal, the first telefilm about the life of Allama Iqbal written by Shafique Sahib, directed by Faisal Rehman and produced by Iqbal Academy Pakistan, will also be aired that day from PTV at 11 am.

Read more about the writings and other work of Khurram Shafique Sahib here: Republic of Rumi (both website and blog featuring other blog-connections of young and older students.)