Thursday, October 15, 2009

PLANET PEACE ( International Songs, Poems, Declaration)

Planet Peace

Michael Franti: Hello-Hello, Bonjour-Bonjour: here

here (You'll love this International yet African beat & the words): LYRICS here

More Michael Franti: GO here

Playing for Change: GO here

Written Song of Peace

Also check out this effort for a Planet Peace here

See International Peace Effort below

International People's Declaration Of Peace (IPDOP):

The International People’s Declaration of Peace was written with feedback from citizens all over the world and is being translated into 18 languages (with more to come.) The Declaration encourages people to refuse to participate in governmental war crimes against fellow human beings. A world-wide physical tour of the document (in an archival historical format) will begin in 2010 to be signed by prominent peace dignitaries and world leaders from every possible country - translations available in many languages.


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