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US Push for More War in Afghanistan is Misperception -Based (Including implications in film "Charlie Wilson's War")

This item also discusses how an accurate grasp of history up until now in this part of the world is essential to what is decided about more war. Again, a more factual history is necessary for a more definitive understanding of the challenges facing stability in the region and for realistic and actual cooperation between US/Pakistan/Afghanistan. Finally, this history is compulsory for the well-being of the people of Pakistan along with the residents of Afganistan and for a meaningful trust in their most courageous leaders (in limelight or not) of justice and peace.

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Why Afghanistan Really Fell Apart-By Bruce P. Cameron
Originally published/posted: September 30, 2009

Much of the U.S. conventional wisdom about how the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989 led to the rise of the Taliban and the creation of al-Qaeda safe havens before 2001 comes from the popular movie, “Charlie Wilson’s War.” But that represents a dangerous misperception.

Robert Parry's site: here Robert Parry came to the limelight when he broke the news for Newsweek and other Media concerning "The Contra Affair" several decades ago. He has been an independent and unusually active journalist consistently since before the Bush "War on Terror".


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MORE misperceptions?

A War of Absurdity

By Robert Scheer

Every once in a while, a statistic just jumps out at you in a way that makes everything else you hear on a subject seem beside the point, if not downright absurd. That was my reaction to the recent statement of the president's national security adviser, former Marine Gen. James Jones, concerning the size of the terrorist threat from Afghanistan:

Connie L. Nash said...

From Iraq Veterans Against the War

This week, President Obama and the military establishment are discussing their plans for escalation in Afghanistan. But their perspective does not take into account the high human cost of the occupation, and the soldiers, Marines, and Afghan people who are paying the price for over 8 years of disastrous military policy.

On October 7th we will enter the 9th year of the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan. Throughout the month of October, IVAW will be highlighting the stories of our members who have served there, and those who have refused to go. Stay tuned for blog entries and audio podcasts of their first-hand experiences and what made them turn against the war.

IVAW chapters around the country also will be holding college teach-ins and other educational events to share what they know about the Afghanistan occupation.

We hope to bury the myth, once-and-for-all, that Afghanistan is "the Good War," because too many Amercans are still on the fence about it.

Now is the time to sharpen debate and broaden consensus that the U.S. must get out of Afghanistan.

Here's how you can help:

Are there nagging questions you have about Afghanistan you would like our veterans to answer? Email your questions to

(There are many other ways to be involved...check out the website, sign up for free emails.)

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