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Aafia - an Omen By Komal Khan

February 4, 2010 Posted by Komal Khan at 12:16 PM at the blogsite: Selfless Devotion
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I wonder if the values of a Nation State are being practiced in the world today.

Security, Freedom, Order and justice and Welfare none of them was proved to be practiced when the verdict was announced for Aafia Siddiqui by the US court.

I mourn over this brittle value system.

I feel this case is like an Omen for the Law system of US. If it is being handled in the right way, the nation would be saved but if not then collapse of a value system can be the most dangerous to the life of that nation.

I thought if any American can be convicted like this in the Pakistani Court. Would the US government let it happened? Definitely not!

What our government had been doing since 2003? Were there really sincere efforts to get Aafia released? Were we honest to give her a support as a Pakistani? My questions continue and I cannot find the answers.

I pray for the victory of humanity as this victory is necessary to be achieved soon.

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