Thursday, February 18, 2010

Steller, Simple, Strong ACTIONS for Peace (From some great groups!)

End the War in Afghanistan: Establish a Timeline for Withdrawal and Begin Political Negotiations (See other suggestions here under comments) from Just Foreign Policy at CHANGE dot ORG here
(NOTE: there is an opportunity to comment on to make clear your own position which may include or differ from suggested actions - even when you sign on...

Holding Bush Admin AND Obama's Admin Accountable for Rendition and Torture:
The Center for Constitutional Rights has a useful analysis of the Obama Administration's position on extraordinary rendition: here We must hold Bush Administration officials accountable for the rendition and torture that has occurred AND ALSO end Obama’s rendition policies.

*Tell General McChrystal and NATO Command to stop killing Afghan children here

Arar v. Ashcroft:
As many of you know, the Obama Administration has not yet taken a formal position in court on Maher Arar’s case Arar v. Ashcroft. With cert petition, now they will have the opportunity to respond which, if they do, would be due on March 5 (unless they ask for an extension). We must ensure that what happened to Maher Arar and many others never happens again. GO to view the Actions suggested on the Center for Constitutional Rights | 212 614 6459 | here

Follow Constitutional News daily and let other folk know what's going on in this one segment of US society - Here's just a sample of the kind of item you may find on
The Bill of Rights Defense Committee's daily news:

2/19, Common Dreams, Broad Coalition Urges Senate to Defeat Legislation to Block Funding for Civilian Trials in 9/11 Cases

2/19, Akhtar Amin, Daily Times, Ex-Gitmo detainees plan to sue US for damages

2/19, Lt. Col. Barry Wingard, Public Record, No Justice Forever: America's New Foreign Policy of Indefinite Detention

2/19, Agence France-Presse, Police 'probe torture claims' in new case

2/19, Glenn Greenwald, Salon, Terrorism: the most meaningless and manipulated word

2/19, Daivd Kravets, Wired, School District Halts Webcam Surveillance

2/18, Mohamed Elshinnawi, Voice of America News, US Policy Appears to Single Out Arab, Muslim Travelers

2/18, Spencer Ackerman, Washington Independent, Liz Cheney Loves Torture, Doesn't Understand Interrogation or CLICK HERE

For Bagram News, updates on the Dr. Aafia Siddiqui case and more go to
International Justice Center (Tina Foster, Founder)

The Work of IJC

IJN on Siddiqui case

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