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Various Clues to reading US News on Aafia: See Pakistan News

You may also want to visit and revisit the Muslims For Justice Site as there's a lot I failed to find earlier on that site. These too will help provide a lot of insights into what's missing and creating injustices of some of the most giving and dedicated folk working hard to create a climate of justice and concern for the most bitterly treated among us:

THE Powerful Testimony of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui | Feb 1, 2010 ... (January 31, 2010) THE POWERFUL TESTIMONY OF Dr. Aafia Siddiqui As captured by El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan Aafia Siddiqui


Also see some powerful and detailed reports at muslims for justice dot org including a passionate and informative one by Yvonne Ridley here

Latest Gitmo shocker makes waves:

Fayetteville NC Observer – Published: 12:00 AM, Sun Jan 31, 2010
By Chuck Fager, Fayetteville

Keep in mind the following items when you read US news both older and the new items on the recent trial including today's verdict of guilt...The following possible questions may have been partially answered in this recent report:

Pakistan Gags Aafia Siddiqui Family -Posted on 03 February 2010 on the blog of Ibrahim Sajid Malick - GO here>

Below are excerpts from that article in response to each of these major questions:

ONE: Why all the SECRECY of family? (this has been a frequent question among observers and reporters/writers at this trial.)

"Elaine Whitfield Sharp, Dr. Siddiqui's attorney, told reporters outside the Federal Court House in New York Wednesday that government of Pakistan had put a gag order on Dr. Siddiqui’s family as a pre-condition to release her son, Ahmed."

TWO: Were Siddiqui and her children really KIDNAPPED and by whom?

"Sharp told reporters that her client, Dr. Aafia Siddiqui was picked up by ISI on March 29, 2003 in Karachi. They arrived in two black cars and placed Siddiqui in one car and the children in another car..."Dr. Siddiqui says that she was immediately hooded and drugged and when she woke up she was tied to a gurney in a place that could not have been Karachi because the air was very dry."

THREE: Where are the MISSING TWO two children?

"Sharp also discussed the issue of the missing children. She said that the baby was reported killed during the arrest, but Dr. Siddiqui does not know if the girl, Maryam, who would now be 11 years old, is alive or not. Dr. Siddiqui was shown a picture of her baby laying in a pool of blood."

THREE: What about Dr. Siddiqui's claims?

"American reporters continued to find Dr.Siddiqui’s claims incredulous and questioned Sharp on the plausibility. Do you really believe her?, a reporter asked Sharp. “Yes!”, she replied categorically."

FOUR: Why do so many US writers seem to report apparently inflammatory or even fearful items?

One possible answer from Ibrahim Sajid Malick in his latest is "Many reporters have also said that a Pakistani official who frequented the proceedings and told them “off the record” that Dr. Siddiqui was actually part of an Al-Qaeda sleeper cell."

The most recent article by CJ Hughes of the New York Times (which carries it's own problems) reports that lawyer Sharp, who functions as spokesperson for the media, said: “This is not a just and right verdict,” Elaine Sharp, one of Ms. Siddiqui’s lawyers, said outside the courtroom. “In my opinion this was based on fear but not fact.” Source: here

Earlier, Sharp said to me that she was afraid there could not be a fair trial so close to the site of 911.

In light of the above item, read this CNN report and other American news...just still a trickle...


LA Times: here

Graham and his cronies are intent on widening the net for military commissions, while dispensing with due process. As the senator told Greta Van Susteren yesterday: “We need a system that would allow this guy to be interrogated by our military without a lawyer intervening.” (Alternet Rights News)

Now read other coverage and keep sleuthing...

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