Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Access Important References for Dr. Aafia Sites, Etc.

Hello, here are a few tips for accessing more items on the Aafia Siddiqui Case:

NOTE in the post ABOVE that at long last are two items from US which may offer some support: Democracy Now and LA Times.

Be sure to go to one of the most active group's site which just happens to be in
New York City where you will be able to sign up for free emails of various events and alerts and stand by families suffering due to the travesty of justice in our midst:

Muslims for Justice dot org Be sure to note other cases as well which need strong support.

There you will find references to powerful articles. Yvonne Ridley's and clerics'can be found or accessed there and you will also learn about some other crucial cases.

Cage Prisoners dot com (here you can locate old and new items by clicking on Date or Relevance.)


Free Detainees dot com is also an important reference


And remember the OFFICIAL FAMILY SITE:
free aafia dot org or CLICK HERE

On my site, I suggest you find newer items by finding former URLS and reporters and googling them or going to their sites.

Hopefully, there will be some helpful coverage coming soon from Human Rights groups like which case you may want to let some of us know who are doing the best releases and blogs?

My email is

For now, I find I have so much to learn about this case and other duties...

I am a part of a group called: Westerm North Carolina: Stop Torture Now ... Sometimes I wonder if at some point dear Aafia may have been transported by these rendition planes across our state? We are connected to North Carolina Stop Torture can find out a lot about this very active group by a simple search in various places - including at BORDC dot org for something recent from that group.

With deep prayers, gratitude and love beyond understanding for Dr. Aafia and for ALL who've formed a strong community around Dr. Aafia and for her dear family! Although I may be silent for awhile, I can't ever forget what has occured among us as one. May we see soon the fruits of this network and community in freedom and healing for Aafia!

Allah Hafiz,


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