Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lahore High Court says only govt entitled to take action in Aafia case

AP Photo - 5 months ago

A demonstration by Human Rights Network demanding the release of Siddiqui, who was detained in Afghanistan last year. Holding sign: the son of Dr. Siddiqui,
Mohammad Ahmed, takes part in this demonstration. A trial has just ended in Lower Manhatten, NYC with verdict "finding Dr. Siddiqui guilty" of trying to kill U.S. agents and military officers yet without premeditation charges. Many Siddiqui supporters - including a large percentage of Pakistanis - are calling for an appeal and for more support from the Pakistani gov't.

Article: Only Govt. Entitled to Take Action

Be sure to read the latest article on the trial and much more on Dr. Siddiqui below.

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