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UPDATED (Feb 18th): US & Pakistan peacemakers: Seeking Justice in UNISON -- Context of Aafia Siddiqui Case

Since these items below plus an UPDATE at end of post relate to an article I'm trying to polish re the Dr. Aafia Siddiqui Trial and Case, I present them here for other journalists/readers/writers/activists who find this for their own work and study. These items may also help some here to see the need for organizing for justice (both Pakistan and US activists along with others in the international community) as suggested by several on a strong list-serve recently.

Yet these references are not meant to distract...most probably you don't need these. They are somewhat random and not all of these are current. Also, you can find corroboration with each if you want to search further...

These are offered partly to answer the constant disbelief that our nations can actually be involved in such rights abuses and MOSTLY with the strong trust that MANY here who Value PEACE, Human Rights and GOOD WILL toward all around the world will find just the right outlet for your gifts, experience and abilities to demonstrate that NOW...The World Simply can't wait.

NOTE here's an item I missed earlier which fits here in the dates (updating Feb 18th): BAGRAM: Graveyard of the Geneva Conventions (be sure also to see the Comments under this one which does make small reference to Dr. Siddiqui and several other items of interest like why several who work constantly with detainees don't use that term and why some say they are played between countries as "toys"....shame to all who would call themselves "civilized" This items was posted Feb 05 2010 in Andy Worthington's site: here

1) Corroboration that a particular type or event of torture has and does occur in a number of different places INCLUDING DETAINEES/PRISONERS mentioned on this blog from time to time along with a number of IMMIGRANTS at large which are coming more and more to the attention of groups like Amnesty and immigrants' rights groups ...and often before there is any charge IF there is any charge? (See the film "The Visitor" for some sense of how easily these detentions might happen to practically anyone at any time -especially where there are any questions about citizenship/greencard/work permit yet sometimes even with Citizens of the US if there is any slight suspician - even without evidence or charge or trial scheduled. GO HERE
And although we must move beyond it, we can't forget Abu Ghraib.

2) other possible examples of US out of control near Kabul or Ghazni...may help corroborate that some (perhaps Dr. Aafia's very accusers?) were out of control when they shot her and are choosing to cover up the possibility that they were not reasonably provoked to shoot her? here (this item took place about a week and a half before the incident took place where Aafia''s trial was set.) There are others similar if you want to go to search engines from other sorts of media sources.

3) of course IF the US vs Siddiqui wanted to cover such sins up, wouldn't the x husband as a blamer of Dr. Aafia to press and many others be a reasonable choice -- as one of several or even half dozen or more ways to divert responsibility and to distract?

4) for those who don't believe come US administrators and some heads of military and of "justice" go to lots of trouble to steer clear of blame and being found out even in cases where the detainee/prisoner is completely uncharged for weeks, months or even years, see this item. See the changes and process whereby habeas corpus has been a victim along with actual people victims and HOW we can work together to change this.


See also:HERE for another detainee story...YES, even Obama's administration and the leaders under him - along with even Obama himself (as many reporters and activists know )are willing to suspend habeas corpus at least some of the time...GO HERE or if this comes thru fuzzy go to Washington Independent dot com and/or search: US Relies on Tortured Evidence in Habeas Case

Obama's goes back on his word with signing statements:

Obama brings gitmo and renditon to bagram

(Be sure to keep watching International Justice Center for expert/lawyer Tina Foster and her assistants who are bringing more focus on Bagram as well as recently the Dr. Aafia Siddiqui case than perhaps any other lawyer (independent of the case) today?

Consider latest in ruling and ongoing legal work in regards to Maher Arar:
here as there is a wealth of material out there that uses his example with clear detailed analysis over a number of years. Because of Bob Herb ert's reports, many writers and human rights experts are now about to use Arar's case as a mirror for others which in some ways are similar.

Also see the vivid and clear articles by Bob Herbert over the last four or so years on both Mahar Arar as well as highlighting (or lowlighting) a number of other RIGHT? (On Arar)

Imran Khan asks three questions from USA and Pakistan about Dr. Aafia
By Hammad Cheema

Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), has expressed his disgust and anger over the way the whole Dr Aafia Siddiqui case has ended in what is clearly a travesty of justice. He has demanded three things from the State of Pakistan and the USA:

First: the Pakistani people have a right to know how Dr Aafia Siddiqui, with three minor children, landed up in Bagram Base. He demanded that the Pakistan government needs to answer this clearly as does the US. Did the Pakistani authorities covertly hand over Dr Siddiqui with her young children to the Americans? Or did the Americans kidnap her in Pakistan and successfully take her out into Afghanistan? What has been the fate of her children, since two of them are still missing?
How could a frail woman manage to attack US soldiers who surrounded her? Did she suddenly acquire superwoman or bionic abilities?

Second: Why has the Pakistan government not taken proper action to ensure her return to Pakistan? Are they not aware of the fact that apart from the injustice and abuse of a Pakistani woman, the injustice meted out to Dr Aafia is going to add to the difficulties of the Pakistani military’s fight in the tribal belt as well as increasing anti-Americanism and extremism? For Pakistan this will create more space for militancy.

Just as the Lal Masjid episode was a watershed for a qualitative change in the rising tide of militancy and extremism, so the Dr Aafia sentencing will become another watershed in this direction of creating more space for extremism and militancy.

Three: Who aided and abetted the Americans in Pakistan? The Pakistan government must not only expose those who aided and abetted the kidnapping of Dr Aafia, but must also mete out exemplary punishment to them. In 2003 when Imran Khan contacted Dr Aafia’s mother in order to give a statement in Aafia’s support, her mother was terrified and told Imran that she had been warned that if any such statements were made, Dr Aafia would be killed.

It is a national shame that the state of Pakistan, instead of protecting its citizens, has been aiding and abetting in their disappearances, their torture and their abuse. It is time to put an end to all this lest the nation take things into their own hands.

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Carisse said...

Mom- you are doing us all a huge service by putting all of this amazing, heartfelt, and important research on here - I am so proud that you are doing this - you are an amazing writer, friend, activist, and the best mom in the entire world! love you

Connie L. Nash said...

Dear Darling Daughter,

This was the most glad I ever was to see a comment. Your understanding and support of this rather serious work is invaluable to me. Yes, as we have spoken - your welcome help with technical and organizational aspects of this blogsite will be greatly appreciated.

And of course you are also an amazing student, friend, writer, artist, visionary, cook and more --not least which is you yourself, the BEST daughter in the whole world over. I deeply love you, Dear One! Thanx so much for your comment. You made my night!

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Anonymous said...

Good to see someone from USA giving an alternate view of the facts presented.

The judgment Aafia case has many flaws but just to give you some idea:

- It doesn’t prove anything regarding her affiliation with Al-Qaida which was the primary reason for her abduction.

- It doesn’t discuss her abduction from Karachi in 2003 with here children and the feared death of her youngest daughter by the hands of kidnappers. There is still no clue for the other daughter.

- The decision talks of her having some attack plans. No evidence quality was checked and if we look at this point in line with the point of her abduction from Karachi in 2003 , this turns out to be as true as “Iraq having WMDs”.

All this is given in case background to create a fear among the reader about the accused without any solid proofs.

-The jury has given decision against her for attacking US citizens and soldiers even though no fingerprints were found on the M-4 rifle and no proof of firing with M-4 riffle were found and presented by FBI.

On principles the burden of proof lies with the prosecution or accusing party but here accused was found guilty because she could not prove herself innocent to the satisfaction of the jury.

You can read the judgment on: